Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursdays Musings

  We had to leave our dog Maggie at the Vets Clinic yesterday.  She was really sick Wed AM.  Her white counts are thru the roof and so was her enzymes.  He feels its pancreitis.  They have kept her and on IV's and meds for the infection.   I will know more later this morning.  He feels Friday will be the day that will tell just how all this is working.  We really don't know Maggies true age.  We are assuming she is 9 to 10 yrs of age, but the Vet said she could be older.  She was a pound puppy rescue. Only the puppy was 3 to ? years old.  I just called and they are keeping her today.....still pushing fluids thru her and meds.  We will know more later today.  Its just so quiet around this house without her.  I find myself looking for her in one of her many beds.  Sigh.....we get them then when things happen we say "no more after this".  LOL, that lasts about 3 months at the most.  Its just the love they bring into our lives.  I think they enable us to love in ways we wouldn't.  Mushy Hugs

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