Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Silent....but very very very COLD Garden

Oh boy is it ever cold here......has been for over a week.  Snow every day in beautiful lightly falling flakes.  One thing here is they haven't caught on to how much those small flakes are piling up. 

My poor little fenced in side garden is so pathetic.  My winter pansies are patheticlly limp.  I wonder if I have lost them all.  My birdbath even with the electric water heater in it can't catch up melting the snow because of the temps so low.  Might have to look into one of thos larger heated dog dishes to put in there next winter.  Thats it for this mornings whine....temp is 16 with a high today of 20.

Oh we're going to the Paramount Theater, one of just a couple left standing and in use in the US.  Paramount Productions built many of these theaters, but one by one they have been destroyed because of cost for upkeep and updating.  Ours has been restored even to the gold leafing on the ceilings and walls, by the perserverance of many dedicated people in this community.  The Festival of Trees that I was involved in this past Christmas was just one of the money makers that is used for community projects in this theather.  We are going to see Gone With the Wind......even a half hour of pre newsreel films.  They show one of the golden oldies on Sunday a mnonth.  What a treat to see it on the big screen and also in an original theather it was shown in many years ago. 
Mushy Hugs

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