Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturdays Musings

Its Saturday and we're starting on the main bathroom. It was a very dark rose color with some rose border that I just put up when we moved in here to add something to the pure white room. Now that I am really tired of that its time to move forward. Its all been primed and ready now for the Zing Yellow paint. LOL, really its not that zinggy. Doors and trim are going a white but towards the greys. The woodwork is old and the doors they are just the hollow type so its time to spiff them up. I may even do some faux type stuff on them, you just never know. The weather is gorgeous but still in the 20's. Tomorrow a big warm up, they say it could reach 50. Most of the ice has melted off the branches so its not glistening as much. Monday we are supposed to be getting hit again for 3
days so it will be a good time to finish up the bathroom. I have to do some sewing for window and shower treatments so maybe time to get the sewing machine out. You all know I am just procrastinating right now.....I need to get back in and paint some more on my chairs. I have been concentrating on the little bench for right now. There is a bear reading to Raggedy Ann and Andy in the center. I love these little characters. The bear reminds me so much of my granddog Spencer.....both have long necks. Even the bears face reminds me of him. Maybe later today I will post pictures of my granddogs, there are 3 of them. Ok time to go....
Mushy Hugs
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Friday, January 30, 2009

TGIF.....Friday! More Snow...

We were supposed to get flurries with maybe an inch accumulation. Well Mother Nature needs to come and remove about 4 inches. I have been painting on the seats of my little childrens chairs. Also doing a small bench that lifts for some little ones tiny treasures. I guess in a way its been really calming with the snow coming down and the warmth of the house and the flicker of the fire in the fireplace. Sigh....yes flicker as its an electric insert.....LOL. Its still so very nice to see its hypnotic effect and know I don't have the mess of ashes to clean up.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to Wednesday here in northeastern KY. Ice, ice and more ice. I wasn't used to this much ice when living in Sault Ste. Marie, Mi. We would get a bit of ice here and there but not this. School is out for the 3 day in a row for our city schools. Outlaying county it can be normal for due to black ice on the roads. Today I paint, hmm I think I said that yesterday, seemed to twiddle away most of the day doing nothings. I am going to base the seats of the two chairs and look for a bench I have in my wood stash to do the same design on. I'm also working on a hush hush project for a Christmas ornament to be a bit on the high end. Not giving out any info on this yet as it may be a whole mess when its done. I am just soooo secure...LOL. Ok, off to get into
some trouble. Temps are starting to drop and we have snow coming in soon, so going to put a pot of veggie soup on too.
Mushy Hugs
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Its Monday? Again?

My how time does have a habit of flying on down the road. No painting done this past weekend. I helped out at a living estate sale. Gentleman was moving to Louisville, KY after 13 years here. His home was many wonderful collections from crystal, cut glass, Asian, cookie jars on shelves all over. Glass cabinets full of all sorts of goodies. This was the 2nd three day sale he has had. I only was a customer at the first one. Still lots of good things left for yet another 3 day one. Today our dog Maggie was having problems with her back and hips, arthritis in the back and its going down the legs. On Predisonne and other drugs, then more tests as they found a large growth under her back leg. They will do a biopsy then. Tonight she is in some discomfort so its going to be a long night. Tomorrow I paint! Here are a few pictures of Jack's home.

Mushy Hugs

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday New items to be painted

Gee, where the heck did the week go anyway? The above two childrens chairs are my new endeavor. I think we will go the Raggedy look on booth. Something with a reading or school type theme. They are both sooooo cute, I want to keep them, but I have this little problem, its called lack of space and a husband! So they will be painted to be sold for sure. Tomorrow I am going to do some volunteer work for a family having an estate sale. LOL, they say they pay in merchandise. Its actually the second sale in this 4 story home. They didn't get out half of it for the first one before the holidays. Its rooms full of collections, crystal, dishes, oriental pottery and furniture. Glass ware that doesn't end. They need people to stand and just be present in each room. I was just out from after being housebound with the flu for the first sale and was dizzy from that let alone dizzy from all that was for sale. I have never seen such wonderful collections of things. I think there were close to 200 cookie jars alone. See you all next post.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finished Table

I finally finished my little antique table. I have to varnish it, but wanted to take the pictures before then so there would be no glare. The top was based with a rollar so it has an eggshell finish and will not be shiney when varnished. I took a picture of the underside showing the brand name. It was manufactured by the Grand Rapids Furniture Company in Grand Rapids MI. Everything on the trademark is intact. I am quite pleased as to how it turned out. It will be available to sell as soon as the wood has been spiffed up and the varnish dry. Probably by the end of the week.

Price $125.00 FREE SHIPPING (Continental US Only)
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Estate sale table

This was the table from the estate sale down the block that I found the other day. My husband has been working on getting the legs to fold again. The gentleman had a Mr Fix-It syndrome. If it didn't need fixing he slapped a couple of coats of paint on it....LOL. I am going to keep this one for myslef as when the legs are folded and the table dropped it will work for a fireplace screen for summer for me. Our fireplace opening isn't large so it will fit....besides we have an electric insert in it anyway...LOL.
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Sunday's mumblings

First off please excuse the header in the previous blog, I
have no idea what that word was supposed to be. LOL, I
think I was watching CSI and not paying attention to what
I was doing.

Today I did accomplish a few things, I painted some which is obvious from the pictures. Not too much to finish the main design. I just have to figure out what to go around the oval. I know it has to be very simple as to not take away from the main design. Also it shows the flowers I have placed inside the book area under the table to tie things together.

I was also a very good wife today and cooked a roast with all the trimmings. Yes, I enjoyed it too...LOL.
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Dorit Chapter, Charleston, WV

Today was scheduled for our annual day to vote on upcoming pieces to be painted and who we were getting for some of our two or three day seminars. Our first seminar is by Arthur Evans, a local art teacher that teaches in many mediums. Ours is to be an acrylic still life study. Its to be held April 18 and 19. In June we will do a Faux Marquettry with Kim Bennet from England. Kim is the daughter of one of our members, Betty Hyre, CDA. Kim teaches in England and has mastered all sorts of wood grains. One day will be a study of the different grains, with the second being a painted small box. Then in November we will be bringing in Mark Polachek, a well know water color artist and teacher to the east coast and Florida area. In between we will have our own members who submitted items to be voted on teach monthly. I submitted one of my Rosemary West snack tables and they choose the vegetable table to be done in October. Many wanted to paint the whole set of 4, plus the snowman one, so I decided to check out the possibility of doing a two day class here in Ashland. Doris Dolin went to the tea with me and when we got back to her car parked at the Ramada, near our I-64 exit, I checked with the desk and found this might be a very good place to have the class held. I will know more this week on how much the manager is willing to work with me on room prices and the class room cost. I would do this class in July for those that want to do the whole set. All in all it was a wonderful day. It was very cold as it was -2below when we left at 7:00am.

Catch up Thursday thru Saturday

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, no painting done

I had all intentions of coming home after my haircut, of which is now a swing style, to paint. As I came down the street that leads to my court, I noticed there were people working on a neighbors house. Our neighbor is now in a nursing home and they are emptying its contents. Lots of neat looking things on the carport, so of course me being the forever junque peruser.....I had to stop. It was the girls getting ready for a sale this weekend. I got to shop, found lots of neat pieces to paint on. Small childs chair, folding table with what may be a leather top under the paint. Other small items that will be painted up. This gentleman ruined more good antique pieces by painting them.....not once, but several times when the whim struck him. Gorgeous trunks, dressers, a wonderful oval beveled glass mirrors frame. It was really sad to see so many things ruined. Lots of the stuff he tried to sand and them painted over again too. So really made a mess in general. I am thinking of popping back down there tomorrow and get a few more things, but I'm taking my husband. He has more resistance then me, and also can give "the look"!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sigh...another dreary day

The cold front is fast approaching us.......been a weird dreary day. We spent two hours last night trying to set up my SIL Johanna's new wireless luck. Thought today would bring a better try. I got the stinker all set up and loaded in 20 minutes. One of the boxes was checked not let a new item be added. That was a great feeling to have that done. Now she can really say she has come out of the dark ages. You see, Jo just got her first computer! Yes, very very proud of her. This is all new to her and she is catching on to things fast. All I got done today for myself was to get my pattern on the little table. With a bit of luck, may just set my palette up tonight. Guess I had better read the directions first huh? Well I guess I had better decide or find something to cook for dinner. Sorry nothing exciting to write about today. No pictures either.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Its Monday....what can I say. Today is start over diet day too. Why do we put ourselves through this every January. They impose such guilt on us with tv show after tv show, the commercials......what do we get out of it GUILT. And when we fail....more GUILT. I have the new stationary bike in place and started that a week ago. Today I start some funky looking side rocking foot thingee that promises big results. It was purchased at midnite before the holidays in one of my moments of dieting passion for the new year. I also had just consumed a box of Vanilla Wafers, that were meant for a cheesecake. Ok, dryer on, another wash to go in.....then I promised myself to be able to paint today. First to settle down on a pattern for my small table. More to come later today. If not....send more Vanilla Wafers as I will have fallen off Tony whats his names exercise contraption aimed at maiming me for life.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dreary Sunday

Should have gone to church, but John let me sleep in. So far today all I accomplished is to vacuum the family/kitchen. Picked up some, now just to do some dishes and make an apple pie. I need to start a journal on what actually needs to be done on this house and then prioritize it. The Fibro is really hitting my hips and shoulders/neck today so not sure just how much I will get done. to do something even if it gets me in trouble....LOL.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is my Nancy Bateman collection. The cabinet they are sitting on is the next major piece to be done in Rosemary West style after my small table is done.
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The top picture shows my tin coffee pot collection. I have many more, but these I felt should be left as is and unpainted.
This picture shows all the shelf area. I couldn't get back far enough to get the whole thing in. It shows a lot of special meaning things for both of us. Well....mostly me..LOL. The books are all recipe

This is my new old kitchen cupboard. I purchased it this summer for $50.00 at a living estate sale. I will now use it for my everyday dishes and glasses. I am currently using my snowmen dishes. Summer I will change these out to my American flag ones. I keep my white Phalzgraph in my other hutch. Lots more work on the kitchen/family room yet to go.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

New project started

Antique book table aquired at an estate sale. Prepped for a Rosemary West design.


Well it seems that Friday has crept up on me and nothing more has been done here as promised. I have been working on changing a bookcase from one side of the fireplace to the other side. Had to take pictures of each shelf to remember where everything went. I did a lot of changing around and also put in items of my painting instructors that I own who are special to me and others I have taken classes from. Owning these pieces are very special. Actually everything in the bookcase is special in various ways. I will post a picture of the bookcase later today. I have also started on a small antique table. I have it basecoated and ready for a pattern of Rosemary Wests. The basecoated picture will follow. Anyone watch Days? Oh boy......I just about didn't want to watch it today. Now the damn is going to break on Monday for sure. I just hate it when they have so darn much happening at one time. Geeze, they have 3 different major catastrophe's about to go boom! Ok, going to add the picture now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday-The True First Day of 2009

Ahhhh......Here it is Monday the first day of the new year for real life. After going up to Columbus yesterday for my husbands Aunts visitation, I sure am sore and tired. All thoughts of starting out at 7:30 by riding my bike and getting on a new ride of good healthy things the start is very shakey already. LOL, those that know me, I tend to waver on each side of the line. I take on too much too fast with too much enthusiasm......"the road is paved with good intentions". I just need to start all over, take baby steps as they say. Hmmm what to have for dinner tonight? Ok, off to tackle a mountain of laundry and as my friend Annie does, make lists and lists and lists and lists and............

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Test Blog

This is a test blog. Please bare with me while I take time trying to figure out how this works. This blog will be about painting for painters of all levels inluding the very beginner. I will also have some of my painted items for sale. So keep checking back and see whats new here.