Friday, January 9, 2009


Well it seems that Friday has crept up on me and nothing more has been done here as promised. I have been working on changing a bookcase from one side of the fireplace to the other side. Had to take pictures of each shelf to remember where everything went. I did a lot of changing around and also put in items of my painting instructors that I own who are special to me and others I have taken classes from. Owning these pieces are very special. Actually everything in the bookcase is special in various ways. I will post a picture of the bookcase later today. I have also started on a small antique table. I have it basecoated and ready for a pattern of Rosemary Wests. The basecoated picture will follow. Anyone watch Days? Oh boy......I just about didn't want to watch it today. Now the damn is going to break on Monday for sure. I just hate it when they have so darn much happening at one time. Geeze, they have 3 different major catastrophe's about to go boom! Ok, going to add the picture now.

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