Monday, January 26, 2009

Its Monday? Again?

My how time does have a habit of flying on down the road. No painting done this past weekend. I helped out at a living estate sale. Gentleman was moving to Louisville, KY after 13 years here. His home was many wonderful collections from crystal, cut glass, Asian, cookie jars on shelves all over. Glass cabinets full of all sorts of goodies. This was the 2nd three day sale he has had. I only was a customer at the first one. Still lots of good things left for yet another 3 day one. Today our dog Maggie was having problems with her back and hips, arthritis in the back and its going down the legs. On Predisonne and other drugs, then more tests as they found a large growth under her back leg. They will do a biopsy then. Tonight she is in some discomfort so its going to be a long night. Tomorrow I paint! Here are a few pictures of Jack's home.

Mushy Hugs

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