Friday, June 3, 2011

The annual Society of Decorative Painters Convention is over for another year.
This years was held in Wichita KS, the home of our Society. It was a fun, busy, and prosporus convention for all. Chieko and I were busy from the time the trade floor opened on Wednesday until it closed Saturday afternoon. Both of us were offering different Make and Takes with the clear stamps. She was working on fabric and I was doing a wood Christmas tree.

The bottom pictures was taken on the way home in Branson MO the day after Joplin just north of us at the time was hit by the tornadoes. We seemed to be just a day ahead of them all the way from the time we left Wichita until we were almost home here to KY. Prayers were answered for our safe travels for sure.

The bottom pictures was taken in the Butterfly House there in Branson MO.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Two New Pieces

This is a large resin swan I have had for at least 10 years...LOL. I decided since we are all still trying to ward off the chill of winter I would go with a quilt theme for the focal pieces on my shelf directly in the door of the shop. The price will be $38.00.
I did this bentwood basket to go with the quilt theme. It will make a nice storage basket for many things. The handle is reinforced with a metal strip to avoid breakage. I had fun painting this one. Lots of putsy work, my favorite thing. The price will be $36.00.
Now I need to do some smaller extras to go with these two pieces. I think its getting to be that time of the year where we start cleaning and redecorating our homes.
Mushy Hugs
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New Painted Pieces

This  is the latest edition I just finished for sale at the shop.  Its a 15" lazy susan.  I love the look, but oh my, the dots to put on this.  The price will be $38.00.                                     Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Estate Sale Continued


I purchased this large tray at the estate sale too. It measures 28" across and 23 in width. We're not sure of the metal under the paint, but a magnet sure sticks to it. It has years of dirt on, probably wasn't moved off the top of the china cabinet it was on since it was put up there. When removed it left a large white space on the wallpaper behind it. We figured the wall paper must have been from the late 30's to mid 40's and the tray was in that same place all that time....LOL. I have gotten the information from the curator of the Society of Decorative Painters Museum on how to take some of the top dirt of it. Its going to be a long haul at an inch at a time....LOL. There is no signature on it, but the stroke work on the edges are starting to lighten up and be seen. The floral picture looks lighter then it really is as I took my hand scanner and placed it right on top and then lightened it up in the program a tad. Does this look familiar to anyone?
Mushy Hugs
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Opps, forgot.....


I forgot to change my pictures around. The first one is the hand done laces and the second one is of some vintage fabric that was in one of the packages. The fabric is 35" wide and there is 21/2 yards of it. The feel reminds me of Waverly brand fabric. I haven't had time to go look for it on line yet.
Mushy Hugs.
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Estate Sale Finds


I went to an estate sale this last weekend and really found some great things. Not sure if I am going to set up and Etsy account or what just yet. I don't do a lot of sewing anymore, and not really heavy into altered art, so the hand crocheted laces and tatted laces are something I don't need a ton of. The first two pictures are of hand sewn glass faceted black beads to tulle netting. The longest might have been a risque dress front. Its long enough to start under ones neck and go to the navel....LOL. The other I don't think has been used yet. The white and pink laces are just a tiny bit of the hand crocheted and tatted. I need to clean most of it as it has a very musty odor and some bad stains on some of it too. Any suggestions as to cleaning and what to do with this find?
Mushy Hugs
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