Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Estate Sale Continued


I purchased this large tray at the estate sale too. It measures 28" across and 23 in width. We're not sure of the metal under the paint, but a magnet sure sticks to it. It has years of dirt on, probably wasn't moved off the top of the china cabinet it was on since it was put up there. When removed it left a large white space on the wallpaper behind it. We figured the wall paper must have been from the late 30's to mid 40's and the tray was in that same place all that time....LOL. I have gotten the information from the curator of the Society of Decorative Painters Museum on how to take some of the top dirt of it. Its going to be a long haul at an inch at a time....LOL. There is no signature on it, but the stroke work on the edges are starting to lighten up and be seen. The floral picture looks lighter then it really is as I took my hand scanner and placed it right on top and then lightened it up in the program a tad. Does this look familiar to anyone?
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  1. What a beautiful piece you find. I can't say I recognize it. It looks like paintings I'd find in a museum. What a job to clean it up. I'm looking forward to seeing the after.


    thanks for following me. Now I'm following back. :)