Friday, February 26, 2010

Season 2

I have two seasons completed now. Time to start the third, but waiting on my woodworker hubby to finish it. He's been busy doing racks for people for their upcoming shows that will start soon for the new season. Right now he has a large order for some of the racks used by painters for their studios. Normally its for soap and candle makers. He did a rack for a friend for her small bottles of food colorings as she is a serious cake decorator, her colors were all over her cupboard before. His website is if your care to take a look.

Yesterday evening I started a colored pencil pattern with Alex who is 13. He came here with his 8 year old brother almost a year ago from the Ukraine. They were adopted by neighbors who are friends. Alex is great at drawing, he looks at something like a building or car and can draw it to scale. He wanted some lessons on shading and hilighting, so we decided for now colored pencil was it. His time is limited as he is on the middle school travel team for soccer and they will represent Kentucky. Maybe more later today.
Mushy Hugs
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Week

I have been so busy that its time to stay home and finish up this
chair. The pattern comes from a series of 4 Paintworks, the designer is Shara
Reiner of CA. The chair itself came from IKEA for 19.99. The chair remains
the same and the seats are changed out for the four seasons. So the chair is only
painted once. John has made it so it only requires the 2 seats, so then you only have to
store one, not 4 full seats of chairs for that matter. Although a table would really
look cute all done up with the four chairs to match. Idea's are endless with these
patterns. She has also done tin ornaments from Della Wettermans web site to match.
These hang on the top corner of the back as to the season.

This is a donation to the Women of the Paramont here in Ashland, KY for their Spring
Gala, a black tie affair. There were be a silent auction for many prizes. Vickye, the lady that approached me for the donation followed my car for blocks until she wrote down my website on the back of my car. She checked that out, emailed me, then we talked. I love having the time and experience to help my community with donations like this. LOL, have to do something with all my therapy pieces!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Todays Work.....

Finished these 5 sleds to take to chapter for a sale this summer. Its a free pattern on Sandra Malones site. Love doing these little guys, they always make me happy. Next I have 5 more to do with a gingerbread pattern on them , another free pattern from Sandra.
Mushy Hugs
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This is one of the pieces I brought home from the shop to redo. They came from the warehouse in what I thought were horribly made. They watered down black paint, slapped it on and never sanded it. Well they did sand it, with just hitting it with a piece of sandpaper and making it a milky grey covering of dust. They didn't even bother to clean it off. So I have brought this piece home, taking the corners and edges down then staining them and repainting the black. The three bottom doors will each have a chicken in them. I am still trying ro decide what to put on the slant top. Not sure if I want a rooster or not, this may put it over the edge as far as prim decor goes. I also have several boxes I need to finish the same way too. Mushy Hugs

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poopoo Paper

Bet that titile grabbed your attention like it did mine....LOL.  I was just looking through my favorite blogs and came across this one from Diane Knott's blog.  She had this interesting site to go check out and of course I did.  Its Poopoo Paper, no not for our personal use, but for our use in an intirely different way....LOL.  Go check out this site.
After checking out the above, skip over to Dianes blog and be prepared for some wonderful stuff.

Snowy Saturday catch up

Mother Nature has struck once again. I must say it does make for a very cosy weekend of painting. I have just finished a large bushel gourd with a Rosemary West design. LOL, I do like her patterns. I also did two bentwood boxes that are going to my SDP chapter, KVDA out of Charleston WV. They are for their community project which is the local Hospice of Charleston.
The gourd is the size of inside a bushel basket, so it was large enough for this design which is from a packet done on a piece of furniture. I finished off the boxes with a red interior inside the bottom. I have several more plates ready to go with the same pattern. I have some shows I want to do this year and a very outdated website, which is my fault, that needs some remolding and updating. My daughter in law is my webmaster and has just about given up on me. I never can keep enough for the shop, and the website, so now is my painting time. Ok, back to the brushes, hmmm maybe even a cup of tea too!
Mushy Hugs
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Monday........

Its been a rather rough weekend with Maggie just over on the next hill at the vets hospital. She is one sick puppy yet. I just got off the phone and her counts are still high, but they have come down considerably. He said she maybe able to come home late tomorrow afternoon. No promises though.

This is a bushel gourd I had gotten from a friend who has passed away last winter. It was painted all white with ivy leaves stenciled on. I looked at everyday in my hallway so last night decided since I had to do some memory boxes for a hospice project I would pick a pattern that maybe I could use for both.n Of course it will be a Rosemary West, its a small table with a door on it, so the pattern is pretty large. I had to do something to take my mind off Maggie, so I base coated last nite. Also sealed the tops of 4 Treasure Boxes that will go to a Shriner Hospital for the children, most likely ones from Haiti. Well I had better go get something constructive done on these projects. Mushy Hugs
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