Friday, February 26, 2010

Season 2

I have two seasons completed now. Time to start the third, but waiting on my woodworker hubby to finish it. He's been busy doing racks for people for their upcoming shows that will start soon for the new season. Right now he has a large order for some of the racks used by painters for their studios. Normally its for soap and candle makers. He did a rack for a friend for her small bottles of food colorings as she is a serious cake decorator, her colors were all over her cupboard before. His website is if your care to take a look.

Yesterday evening I started a colored pencil pattern with Alex who is 13. He came here with his 8 year old brother almost a year ago from the Ukraine. They were adopted by neighbors who are friends. Alex is great at drawing, he looks at something like a building or car and can draw it to scale. He wanted some lessons on shading and hilighting, so we decided for now colored pencil was it. His time is limited as he is on the middle school travel team for soccer and they will represent Kentucky. Maybe more later today.
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