Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Week

I have been so busy that its time to stay home and finish up this
chair. The pattern comes from a series of 4 Paintworks, the designer is Shara
Reiner of CA. The chair itself came from IKEA for 19.99. The chair remains
the same and the seats are changed out for the four seasons. So the chair is only
painted once. John has made it so it only requires the 2 seats, so then you only have to
store one, not 4 full seats of chairs for that matter. Although a table would really
look cute all done up with the four chairs to match. Idea's are endless with these
patterns. She has also done tin ornaments from Della Wettermans web site to match.
These hang on the top corner of the back as to the season.

This is a donation to the Women of the Paramont here in Ashland, KY for their Spring
Gala, a black tie affair. There were be a silent auction for many prizes. Vickye, the lady that approached me for the donation followed my car for blocks until she wrote down my website on the back of my car. She checked that out, emailed me, then we talked. I love having the time and experience to help my community with donations like this. LOL, have to do something with all my therapy pieces!
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