Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Saturday catch up

Mother Nature has struck once again. I must say it does make for a very cosy weekend of painting. I have just finished a large bushel gourd with a Rosemary West design. LOL, I do like her patterns. I also did two bentwood boxes that are going to my SDP chapter, KVDA out of Charleston WV. They are for their community project which is the local Hospice of Charleston.
The gourd is the size of inside a bushel basket, so it was large enough for this design which is from a packet done on a piece of furniture. I finished off the boxes with a red interior inside the bottom. I have several more plates ready to go with the same pattern. I have some shows I want to do this year and a very outdated website, which is my fault, that needs some remolding and updating. My daughter in law is my webmaster and has just about given up on me. I never can keep enough for the shop, and the website, so now is my painting time. Ok, back to the brushes, hmmm maybe even a cup of tea too!
Mushy Hugs
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