Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Monday........

Its been a rather rough weekend with Maggie just over on the next hill at the vets hospital. She is one sick puppy yet. I just got off the phone and her counts are still high, but they have come down considerably. He said she maybe able to come home late tomorrow afternoon. No promises though.

This is a bushel gourd I had gotten from a friend who has passed away last winter. It was painted all white with ivy leaves stenciled on. I looked at everyday in my hallway so last night decided since I had to do some memory boxes for a hospice project I would pick a pattern that maybe I could use for both.n Of course it will be a Rosemary West, its a small table with a door on it, so the pattern is pretty large. I had to do something to take my mind off Maggie, so I base coated last nite. Also sealed the tops of 4 Treasure Boxes that will go to a Shriner Hospital for the children, most likely ones from Haiti. Well I had better go get something constructive done on these projects. Mushy Hugs
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