Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Estate Sale Finds


I went to an estate sale this last weekend and really found some great things. Not sure if I am going to set up and Etsy account or what just yet. I don't do a lot of sewing anymore, and not really heavy into altered art, so the hand crocheted laces and tatted laces are something I don't need a ton of. The first two pictures are of hand sewn glass faceted black beads to tulle netting. The longest might have been a risque dress front. Its long enough to start under ones neck and go to the navel....LOL. The other I don't think has been used yet. The white and pink laces are just a tiny bit of the hand crocheted and tatted. I need to clean most of it as it has a very musty odor and some bad stains on some of it too. Any suggestions as to cleaning and what to do with this find?
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