Saturday, December 11, 2010


Oh my, I knew I was really behind on blogging but never did I think by this much. I see I owe some thank yous for stopping by and following my blog, please hang in there with me. I did a great show for me anyway in Huntington WV last weekend, my last show of the season. You can see part of the booth setup in one picture and then there is the first time showing of the "gang"!. I was surprised, but even at $5.00 only a few went. What did surprise me big time was the sale of a large wood plate that was over $100.00 and also many of my older pieces that I was going to pull out after this show. Now I will have no problems, not much left, really down to the bare bones, now to start over. I have more pictures of what I have been and what I am working on currently and will post them later today. For now I have to get ready to go down to the Gallery studio for a few hours.
Mushy Hugs
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