Monday, January 12, 2009


Its Monday....what can I say. Today is start over diet day too. Why do we put ourselves through this every January. They impose such guilt on us with tv show after tv show, the commercials......what do we get out of it GUILT. And when we fail....more GUILT. I have the new stationary bike in place and started that a week ago. Today I start some funky looking side rocking foot thingee that promises big results. It was purchased at midnite before the holidays in one of my moments of dieting passion for the new year. I also had just consumed a box of Vanilla Wafers, that were meant for a cheesecake. Ok, dryer on, another wash to go in.....then I promised myself to be able to paint today. First to settle down on a pattern for my small table. More to come later today. If not....send more Vanilla Wafers as I will have fallen off Tony whats his names exercise contraption aimed at maiming me for life.

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