Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday New items to be painted

Gee, where the heck did the week go anyway? The above two childrens chairs are my new endeavor. I think we will go the Raggedy look on booth. Something with a reading or school type theme. They are both sooooo cute, I want to keep them, but I have this little problem, its called lack of space and a husband! So they will be painted to be sold for sure. Tomorrow I am going to do some volunteer work for a family having an estate sale. LOL, they say they pay in merchandise. Its actually the second sale in this 4 story home. They didn't get out half of it for the first one before the holidays. Its rooms full of collections, crystal, dishes, oriental pottery and furniture. Glass ware that doesn't end. They need people to stand and just be present in each room. I was just out from after being housebound with the flu for the first sale and was dizzy from that let alone dizzy from all that was for sale. I have never seen such wonderful collections of things. I think there were close to 200 cookie jars alone. See you all next post.
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  1. I love those little chairs,cant wait to see them painted!

  2. I love Raggedys, Marcia and I know these will ber super special.