Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sigh...another dreary day

The cold front is fast approaching us.......been a weird dreary day. We spent two hours last night trying to set up my SIL Johanna's new wireless printer....no luck. Thought today would bring a better try. I got the stinker all set up and loaded in 20 minutes. One of the boxes was checked not let a new item be added. That was a great feeling to have that done. Now she can really say she has come out of the dark ages. You see, Jo just got her first computer! Yes, very very proud of her. This is all new to her and she is catching on to things fast. All I got done today for myself was to get my pattern on the little table. With a bit of luck, may just set my palette up tonight. Guess I had better read the directions first huh? Well I guess I had better decide or find something to cook for dinner. Sorry nothing exciting to write about today. No pictures either.

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