Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturdays Musings

Its Saturday and we're starting on the main bathroom. It was a very dark rose color with some rose border that I just put up when we moved in here to add something to the pure white room. Now that I am really tired of that its time to move forward. Its all been primed and ready now for the Zing Yellow paint. LOL, really its not that zinggy. Doors and trim are going a white but towards the greys. The woodwork is old and the doors they are just the hollow type so its time to spiff them up. I may even do some faux type stuff on them, you just never know. The weather is gorgeous but still in the 20's. Tomorrow a big warm up, they say it could reach 50. Most of the ice has melted off the branches so its not glistening as much. Monday we are supposed to be getting hit again for 3
days so it will be a good time to finish up the bathroom. I have to do some sewing for window and shower treatments so maybe time to get the sewing machine out. You all know I am just procrastinating right now.....I need to get back in and paint some more on my chairs. I have been concentrating on the little bench for right now. There is a bear reading to Raggedy Ann and Andy in the center. I love these little characters. The bear reminds me so much of my granddog Spencer.....both have long necks. Even the bears face reminds me of him. Maybe later today I will post pictures of my granddogs, there are 3 of them. Ok time to go....
Mushy Hugs
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  1. Marcia, you go! Paint that little 2 drawer provincial table black! Post pics!

    Diane :-)