Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dorit Chapter, Charleston, WV

Today was scheduled for our annual day to vote on upcoming pieces to be painted and who we were getting for some of our two or three day seminars. Our first seminar is by Arthur Evans, a local art teacher that teaches in many mediums. Ours is to be an acrylic still life study. Its to be held April 18 and 19. In June we will do a Faux Marquettry with Kim Bennet from England. Kim is the daughter of one of our members, Betty Hyre, CDA. Kim teaches in England and has mastered all sorts of wood grains. One day will be a study of the different grains, with the second being a painted small box. Then in November we will be bringing in Mark Polachek, a well know water color artist and teacher to the east coast and Florida area. In between we will have our own members who submitted items to be voted on teach monthly. I submitted one of my Rosemary West snack tables and they choose the vegetable table to be done in October. Many wanted to paint the whole set of 4, plus the snowman one, so I decided to check out the possibility of doing a two day class here in Ashland. Doris Dolin went to the tea with me and when we got back to her car parked at the Ramada, near our I-64 exit, I checked with the desk and found this might be a very good place to have the class held. I will know more this week on how much the manager is willing to work with me on room prices and the class room cost. I would do this class in July for those that want to do the whole set. All in all it was a wonderful day. It was very cold as it was -2below when we left at 7:00am.

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