Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, no painting done

I had all intentions of coming home after my haircut, of which is now a swing style, to paint. As I came down the street that leads to my court, I noticed there were people working on a neighbors house. Our neighbor is now in a nursing home and they are emptying its contents. Lots of neat looking things on the carport, so of course me being the forever junque peruser.....I had to stop. It was the girls getting ready for a sale this weekend. I got to shop, found lots of neat pieces to paint on. Small childs chair, folding table with what may be a leather top under the paint. Other small items that will be painted up. This gentleman ruined more good antique pieces by painting them.....not once, but several times when the whim struck him. Gorgeous trunks, dressers, a wonderful oval beveled glass mirrors frame. It was really sad to see so many things ruined. Lots of the stuff he tried to sand and them painted over again too. So really made a mess in general. I am thinking of popping back down there tomorrow and get a few more things, but I'm taking my husband. He has more resistance then me, and also can give "the look"!

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  1. Marcia, thanks for visiting my blog today! It's nice to have you there. I see you also collect tin coffee pots. I have a couple but other tin things too. I love country stuff. It's not "fashionable" any more but those HGTV people don't live here! ;-)

    Come back and visit again!
    Diane from Diane's Musings