Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work Ahead......

Boy do I have some work ahead of me. Angel land, some will be painted for sale, others metal sealed for a class in April. Several of Kim Klassen's de-signs to be done. Then there are the birds on top of ornaments of Judy Westegaard's. She has one more to come out in a magazine soon, so I bought the birds for all three. I also have two lamps that came with shades, one burgandy and the other the dark green. Those came from a popular office/workplace catalog a few years back. I bought them for our motorhome and never got them painted over. The stuff on it was just glued on, but they are a nice surface to paint on. Oh, and one of those tin boxes to try out. So I would say my week ahead is going to be busy. Mushy Hugs
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