Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plugging Along

This is what I have done so far........not much. Lazy days for sure. I love Shara Reiner's designs. They are simple to do, yet require some of your skills to get the look. I finished the lunch box, needs to be varnished, then a strip of fabric wrapped around the handle. I believe she as lime green with a print on hers. Good thing its spring, now the fabric stores will have some good fabric to choose from. The tobacco cans are coming along too. Hopefully they will get done today.

Behind the tin pieces are the finished angel and the two adoptes my husband managed to get the day after he brought home Pozy. He needs to take the other two outside and break out what is left of the glass votive cups that are firmly glued to the metal holder. Sure.....the one time the glue sticks! It was a let down not to be able to get more, especially since several of my chapter friends loved them and wanted to do a class.

WELL.....Taaaaa Daaaaaa.....I had an Angel help me out! Yup, a wonderful angel off of my Brush Bunch internet group. I have belonged to this wonderful group since its beginnings, I believe somewhere going on 12 years. The angel is Nancy Carroll from the state of WA. She and her wonderful hubby went to Walmart and piled into their buggies 30 of these angels for me. Can you believe that? I called her last night and her hubby answered with Angelville, or Angels unlimited......LOL, it threw me off guard and I can't remember what exactly it was, but I loved it. What a great couple. They have them packed and ready to send out.

Mean while I went to Walmart and found in the same area some marked down tin boxes of candy. There were 4 different sizes. When the plastic wrapper comes off, they are the basic tin color, light grey. Well.......yup.....I filled my cart this time, no turning back now. Oh the candy was originally $9.00 each, I bought them for 1.25 each. Of course I started a frenzy of customers grabbing what they thought this must be a really good tasting cookie candy. They really aren't bad, come in a separate sealed bag inside. If you look close there is one next to the back angel. Nothing but a few labels on them to take off with a hairdryer. Sigh.....more surfaces. Anyone want a class???
Mushy Hugs
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