Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Late.......

I sent Hubby back to Walmart this morning....no luck. Some one else had a lightbulb moment and scarfed them all up but two. The votive glass candle cup had been broken on them, so he did buy those two. Its just one of those things....do I or don't I have a use for it?

Working on a new project. Chickens.....In the new Create and Decorate there is a pattern that has been designed by a friend for ATV Trading cards, but she did them on wood and put them on a wreath. Debby Harris (Dingle we affectionately call her) did a cute job on them. An online painting group I belong to is having a "checken fest". Its sort of a challenge, we all do the design on what we want and what size. Then we post to the Yahoo Group Pictures so we can see everyones interpretation of the design. So I am off to decided just what I am going to do. Maybe a picture or two later tonight will be posted here.

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