Sunday, January 10, 2010

New projects....

  Started 3 projects on tin.  They are from Della's Tinware in Texas, the patterns are designed by a great designer and wonderfully sweet person, friend too......Shara Reiner.  Shara also does stitchery patterns oh sweatshirts.  Her designs are clean looking and funky.  Its her personality through and through.

I take each item outside, small areas at a time.  I leave the tin in the screenroom till the fumes are gone off it.  I bring it back inside to rewarm up to room temp to then take it back out and repeat the process.  Spray and items have to each be the same temp, room temp the best for a nice even finish.  I am just sealing what is completed so far.  The black areas mark up so easily that I find I like the items sealed.  Will keep you posted as they are completed in the next couple days.

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