Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bring on the Snowstorm......

I sure didn't accomplish much today. I have my shopping bag with the 3 chickens all based on...but lost interest pretty quickly. It is building up to a big snow front coming this way. It left me at odds today....everything I picked up to do, never got done! So this evening I rummaged around and found 3 tin surfaces and basecoated them with White Lightning, black. Tomorrow they will get the colored basecoats first thing in the morning. I picked out 3 of Shara Rheiners patterns for them. Two are the tins that are shaped like the old tobacco tins. Two different sizes. They will have those crystal knobs on them too....... The third was an old lunch tin, but a reproduction. I love Shara's funky designs and gorgeous colors. Now these projects are exciting and I can't wait to get into them. Tomorrow will be a stay at home as we can get another 6 inches of snow easily according to the news report a bit ago. All the schools are already closed, this makes day 3 and for some day 4 this week of no school. Kids are having a ball sledding down all the hills around here in KY that we would have died for in MI when we were their age. Local ice rink in our Central Park has been doing a booming business this year. The ice may be man made, but its still the same, ankles in and ankles out.....shrieks from the young ladies....laughs from the boys. The picture is dark as it was taken in the evening, but its all still fun.
Mushy Hugs

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