Monday, January 4, 2010

Fast Project

My husband brought me this tin angel home from Walmart this afternoon. He was browsing the markdowns and found they had quite a number of them on hand for $1.00 each. I saw them at their original price in November and figured they would end up in this area after the holidays since they were priced $9.00 each then. I forgot all about checking out the sales the other day, but he surprised me and did today. Originally they were all gold, no color added. Where the green area is on the dress is all raised, so I just blended it to look like it was leaves and vine work. Finished off by using gold on the remaining raised areas. I think I may just have to go back tomorrow and rescue some more of them. Hmmmmm possible fast class?
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  1. That's beautiful Marcia! I may have to go back to Walmart, too. I was there today but didn't even go look in the clearance stuff. :-(

  2. it is beautiful!! I will have to check out my Walmart I am thinking....

  3. Marcia,

    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment about the kitchen are.
    I'm sure we have all gotten rid of things we wish we had not.

    Love how you fixed up the angel.
    I would definitely go back and get more!


    barbara jean