Monday, February 23, 2009

Start Over's.......

I am so far behind on Blogger that I just need "start overs"! This is how far I have gotten on my bathroom. I had to take it in low light as the stripes jump out at you if I don't. The umbrella idea had me pulling a few hairs out of my head, but finally I stumbled, and I really mean stumbled over a box of these umbrellas a young man was unpacking in the new seasonal isles of Hobby Lobby. Here I went on a hunt for everything from a small child's umbrella to a party shower honeycombed type of one. Couldn't find a single one. Well these were perfect as the inner bamboo workings were very easy to cut with scissors. I got it to the size I wanted, then took the sticks and glued them into place inside to form how I wanted it on the wall. Now to cover it with the shower curtain fabric. You can see the fabric in the mirror along with an unfinished corner cabinet to hold the guest towels. I am now on a different style of curtain not sure what the window will end up with yet.
Hugs, Marcia
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