Sunday, February 1, 2009

Addition to Sunday Morning

This is Madison, we call her Maddie, She is the lover, the cuddler a real sweetie if there ever was one. She is just like her grandmother, hefty, or should I say on the "fluffy side". Madison is a Diva. Her wardrobe is extensive. All three have cute clothes of which they all wear, but Maddie just loves all her "outfits". She lookes so cute in her sundresses or hoddies. Lots of fun to buy for her. Maddie loves her food, but also likes to save and savor it in front of the boys! She knows just how to wrap herself around your heart. A real lover for sure.

This is Brinkly the first of the herd. He is tiny, but don't tell him that, he doesn't know it. He has the "little guy" syndrome. Nothing gets in his way, well a cardboard box will, he just wimpers until someone lifts him over. He is the neighborhood watch dog too. His domain is a front bow window in the family room. The window seat has a cusioned area for him to run up and down and peak out of little slits in the blinds and bark at any thing that moves. Oh, grama made the cushion for him to sit on too. Mom got the idea to put one of those long flat cushions that vibrates for relaxation up there. She slid the control down thru the cushions and can just reach her hand and turn it on. It worked great at he ignores it and just give a dirty look to those that turn it on. He used to beat Maddie to everything, especially food. Now Spencer just stands over top of him to be first in line, always for the treats. These are my granddogs, unfortunatley they reside in Indiana, so we only see them every few months.
Mushy Hugs

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  1. They are the sweetest!
    Love their little faces~
    Have a great day!