Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday's Chapter Class

What a wonderful day my good friend Doris and I had near Teays Valley, WV. It was our Society Chapter meeting. Dottie Kuhl was teaching one of her fabulous gourd ornaments. The meeting was held at a really nice Lions Clubhouse on the Kanawaha River bank. They are considering it for a summer picnic meeting. Great views. The class was terrific. The unfinished gourd was glued to a long thin wood spindle used for thread in factories. We used rubber type push molds for the face part of it, then did the embellishing of extending the hat, adding more side hair, and for doing the fur at the top of the head. Mine has to be antiqued to tone down the way over bright look of it yet. I will be sure to show it to all when complete. Just had to tell you about my great day.
Hugs, Marcia
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