Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Festival of Trees for 2010


Its that time of year again. I was really going to stay firm and say no to all donations from The Painted Gift this
holiday season, but as you can see that was short lived. With the move into a shop in our downtown Pendleton Art Gallery and Shops and several other committments the last several months I had not planned on taking on another one. I got the call the day before we left for MI just before Halloween....sigh, they got me at a weak moment...LOL, for me that seems to be all the time to please help out and do another tree as they were down some in numbers for the silent auctions. The pink tree and I did not get along from the very start! LED lighting is required on the trees, they are not made in pink cording nor that many in white yet either. So being me, I taped off all the lights and then sprayed the cords that I had strung from tree to tree in our yard. I put the first set of lights on the tree, started the next set, decided to plug them in to see where to place them, to find out they came in a true white and a warm white, which was already on the tree. Luckily I did have another set and they were the warm so then sprayed yet another cord of 32 LED lights. Had to leave for an errand when I found out after leaving the driveway and into the sunshine that all three cans of pink spray paint 'overspray' was now covering my car! What saved me was my car was in dire need of a wash and most of the overspray settled on to that and washed away in the car wash. After that fiasco and a bottle of wine things definately got better and fell into place.

Last nite was the check in for the tree, tonight are the interviews for the press and for the online voting. Wednesday nite is the judging and Thursday the evening with the press and the decorators with the public opening on Friday. I will post when the online voting is open here on my blog.
Mushy Hugs
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  1. The tree turned out very pretty and festive. Love the snowmen, they are just smiling and laughing, boy do they have stories to tell. Good Luck with it. Pam