Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Card


Its time for all the festivities to start around the area and in our Central Park. The park is known for its lighting and all the light displays that are around the 1 1/2 mile perimiter and down thru the park center area. The large victorian homes that surrond the park are decked out in their finest too. My husband walks with a group around the park 6 days a week starting at 7am. They asked if I would help them submit and then paint a Christmas card to be put up with others submitted. They all brought cards and then decided on several, then my opinion on which of them would be the best to do. I did a rendition in colored pencil, they submitted it to the park board and it was approved. The work began. It had to be a certain size, built to their specs, painted black on the back, etc. Then it was ready for me. I planned out the base colors, gave them the sizes of the painting areas. They measured and drew out the under colors, then painted them the colors that were in the design. When that was finished, I drew on the dove that went over all the colors and then they painted that in. When all was done, it was brought into my family room, 8'x 4' wide of it, LOL, to warm up so I could then do the final painting on it. I did the shading and the hilights to give it dimension. The second side of the card was measured out around the edges for areas to bring in the other sides colors. On that the message they wanted and all their names were put on. So last Saturday the card was taken in to the park and put up for Mondays tree lighting and all the lights in the parks ceremony. Of course it also had to rain then too. So the above pictures are of the cards steps. My husband and his brother Bob were in the first pictures doing some of the details, while the next one is of my brother in law doing lettering. The last is the card waiting for its hinges. This is also how it is set up in the park. This was all during the time I was working on my tree for the Festival too. No pressure here....LOL.
Mush Hugs
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  1. Marcia That is very nice and I am sure you enjoyed doing it. Your trees are pretty also

  2. Great group effort Marcia, the finished card looks great! I would love to see your Central Park at Christmas, it must be a very magical place. Thanks for following my blog and here I am following you back! Looking forward to seeing what you'll be up to next, you appear to be a VERY busy woman! Love your pink tree and hope your car survived the overspray, YIKES! Love your style though, my first thought would have been that bottle of wine as well! Deb