Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smell the sweetness?

Oh.....what a wonderful aroma comes from sorting
the berries. Oh.....what an awful time for my hubby
to bring home two cases of the wonderful tasting and
smelling blueberries. I would love to bake a pie, but
we are leaving for Michigan tomorrow and I have lots
to do to finish up getting ready and packed. I teach
on Monday in Houghton Lake, MI for a wonderful
group of ladies, they have had me there for a class for
mnay years. Have to ask Jan how many times I have
taught there. I will post pictures of the projects later
Mushy Hugs
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  1. Years ago my hubby and I used to go to Houton Lake to snowmobile.. what found memories I have of that. I wish I could take those berries off your hands. Just freeze them for now.

  2. Gwen, I did freeze them....for pies. The berries are now just rippening in the UP. I am up in the Sault right now and sitting in a wonderful city campground in our friends large 5th wheel and enjoying the scenery and the blue water of the St. Mary's River. I am going to post a picture on my blog and will try to get a pic of a freighter when one comes by.