Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flowers in the Garden

Being from northern Michigan, I am not
used to flowers just blooming constantly.
The frost level is so deep, most plants have
to be taken in for the winter, or dug up. In
the spring, bedding plants are the normal.

These pictures are just a few I shot last night.
Top is a Hibiscus that is around our mailbox
and paper holder.

The lavender pink one is something I haven't
bothered to look up. These two were here
in place when we moved in. Granny, prior
owner of our home brought both of these plants
from the Appalacia area of KY.

The bottom is a poor representation of a mallo
family plant. There is several names for them,
one being "pie plate". I brought this back from
a trip to FL 2 years ago. I have been battling
the June bugs, beetles, just a pain in the neck
bug...LOL. I have found spraying daily with
dishsoap water, better then most expensive
bug sprays. This is nothing compared to what
they have done to the grape vine leaves and also
my Hollyhocks. Their leaves are just skeletons
Mushy Hugs
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  1. Lovely blooms. Those peaches in the prior post look scrumptious!