Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My Primroses are in bloom, I'll get pictures of the other bunches as they open up. I always loved these flowers as a child. I saw many of them at our local cemetery when I was a child as it was a plant that came back every spring and would show their color through the snow at Easter. Yes, snow, life in the Upper Peninsula of MI at Easter usually had a snow storm. Just enough we had to wear those darn zip up goulashes over our nice new Easter shoes.

My neighbors Forsythia is in full bloom...mine are not so nice and manicure, I have branches come out of the hedgerow at the street behind us. I like to see the long branches swaying in the breeze.

This is Mrs. Squirrel.....she must have about 4 babies she's nursing. Has a large chunk out of her ear and really getting straggly. PS....I think those babies have teeth...time to knock off the free room and board if I were her. She needs Bag Balm bad! LOL, yes there is such a product. You can buy it any where just about, great for hands, heels, anything that needs healing just about. Come in all sizes and in a beautiful green can. Hmmm wonder if pecans would coax her into posing with the can tomorrow?
Mushy Hugs
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