Monday, March 15, 2010

Small door unit from the shop

This is the small unit I have been working on for the shop. The girls bought a load up in WV and the products were very poorly made. The construction woods varied on each
piece like one board was good pine, but the others were taken off wood pallets.

The black paint consisted of watered down acrylic which greatly raised the grains in the differen woods. They were barely touched with sand paper, leaving them to snag on anyone that walked by or touched them. Dusting was out of the question. I had to take a blow dryer to dust it. I have redid several of the wall racks with shelves , but this is the first of several pieces of furniture. I have another one like this, but with out the slant top.

This is the finished piece. I have to put the hinges on after I rewdrill for the holes.
Seemed I painted on all three of the boards upside down.....sigh. I will drill them then fill the other holes and paint the frames and it will be done. I think the one without the slant top but still has three doors will be done the same way but I think rabbits will be in them.
Mushy Hugs
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