Sunday, May 10, 2009

Greetings from Hilton Head Island, SC. Its been a wonderful Mothers Day. A great vacation started once we got through the Carolina's and the horrid rain storms and
somewhere thru there was a tornado too. We came through on Friday afternoon, just when it all let loose.

This is our third year coming here to the island with my husbands brother Bob and his wife Johanna. They have been coming for at least 24 years. Once here the weather has been very cooperative. We hit the beach for the morning, come up for lunch......they go back down after lunch, but our tender skin is not ready for 8 hours of beach yet. So off we went Saturday and hit my very favorite thrift store. St Francis.... found lots of goodies of course. Some silver baskets to be converted to "egg baskets", some pieces to my Phaltzgraff dinnerware.....12 pieces for 3.50....what a buy. Couple other odds and ends to paint too. Tomorrow we have several more to cover. Will save others for later in the week. Ok, I will take more pictures and continue to update you on our vacation.
Hugs, Marcia
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