Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hear the Arteries Clogging???


Sorry about the absence....We had to make a quick trip to MI to check on some older family
members before the snow flies heavy in the Upper Peninsula of MI. We did run into snow on the
way up, but there is always one snow before Halloween so nothing new there. On our way home
this week we stopped in lower MI at Tony's in Birch Run MI. This is why there are long lines to
get into this truck stop type resturant in the summer months. Its also across from a very huge
complex of outlets as its a central lower MI area. Yes, there is a full pound of bacon on each
of these BLT's. Homeade bread to die for too. We don't stop here very often, but when we do, we
usually get this sandwich. We bring more then a pound home and I make bean soup out of the leftovers.
This way nothing is wasted. Love to see the look on first timers when they see what you have on
your plate on the way to their tables....its hilarious. Ok, off to get my witchie poo costume on
for giving candy out in our Central Park downtown. I will post a picture tomorrow, that is if I don't
break the camera, not kidding either....
Mushy Hugs
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