Sunday, September 19, 2010


We went from back to front on the weekend and by Friday it looked like the bottom two pictures. Missy and I worked our hinnies off to get ready for the weekend of festivities. It was Poage Landing Days here in Ashland, KY. Three days packed full of all kinds of fun. Our whole block in front of our bldg was all the food vendors...grooaann....yes, I did have a few things. Had to have the Gyro, not much Greek food here....then had to have the miles of shaved potatoes, of course throw in a fried bologna sandwich. Then one last stab at heartburn to its fullest and that was a mile high beef brisket sandwich! That pretty much takes care of that kind of food until next year. Now back to the dieting...
Mushy Hugs
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  1. The walls look super! And so does the lady in the posts below. I am late chiming in so now have to go read your older posts and catch up on all the good things you have been painting!!