Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Monday


Its been an all night steady rain, something we need so bad. Its been such a dry September that has left everything looking either droopy or dead. Dust everywhere too. I hate facing a grey day and a Monday to boot, but the countdown has started for the Bob Evans Farm Festival. I have many things started, lots half way etc.

Todays picture is of Emily's little side table. I found this table at a small store I like to browse in our local mall. They had used it for a piece to display little things on in the windows. There were also two more a bit larger. All were unfinished and "cured" just right to paint. In other words at least 5 years old and very dry....LOL. I marblized it, then crocheted with paint her doily for her teapot to sit on. Working on the window to go on the wall behind her now. Glazed the glass panes as the old windows usually are missing large chunks, don't want them to fall out. I am still thinking on what to put on this window as it will be for sale. Watch for future postings. Mushy Hugs
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