Friday, May 7, 2010

News Flash!!! Super Giveaway!

Go to the above Blogspot and see the wonderful giveaway Michelle Palmer is doing.  I love her work, its so impressive.  I have framed two of her muslin illustrations and just love to look at them.  So hurry over to her blogspot and sign up for a great giveaway and become a fan of hers too, you won't be sorry.
Mushy Hugs


  1. Marcia, Michelle's art is wonderful, isn't it! All from the heart of a truly special lady too.

    About can get quality ones online. I know...the ones in W-M aren't so hot, are they!

    I hope you're enjoying spring.


  2. Marcia....for fabric stores in Kentucky....

    Hope you find one near you!!

  3. Thank you so much Diane for this site. Yes, actually I do have a place close to here. It has the same city address, but not being from this area I didn't realize this place existed. I know approx where it is and will go on a hunt next week to check it out. Its actually in the middle of a residential area so unless you quilt you wouldn't know about it. Who knows I may end up quilting yet....LOL. Hugs

  4. Just wanted to say hello! Hope you're weekend is off to a great start~
    Wishing you sunshine and smiles!!