Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meeting an Admired Designer

This morning found us in Lexington South Carolina. We
are on our way to Hilton Head SC and stayed the night here
so I could meet Ann Kullberg a well know colored pencil
portrait artist and teacher. I have only been doing pencil for
a short time and found Ann on the internet right from my pencil
beginnings. I have been in awe of her work and have many
of her patterns. Its because of Ann that I have this medium
very relaxing and hypnotic. I was honored that I was able to
meet with her and talk with her prior to beginning her class
this morning. She is from Washington state and for her to be
teaching so close to me and right on our way to the beach was
a hands down I have to meet her.

I started her pattern of a Yorki that came out about 3 weeks ago
yesterday in the car after we left home for our trip. I had did an abbreviated version the day the pattern came,
but my daughter in law Traci was here from IN and took it home with her. LOL, they have 3 Yorkies and the
picture resembled all 3 of them in different ways. I took what I had done in the car, about half way complete,
in with me to show Ann. Now this really had me scared as I needed to know just how my self taught pencil
drawing skills stood. No one likes to be told "oh dear or dead silence". I waited and almost passed out when
she exclaimed how fantastic I was doing. Several of the students were watching and exclaimed the same thing. be told something from a top notch colored pencil artist is beyond anything you could imagine. I walked
out to the car on a cloud. What a rush.......Mushy hugs
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