Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dolphins on parade

We were privileged to see a large pod of
dolphins a few minutes ago. The lifeguards
pulled everyone in until they were sure it
was just that. They were quite close to the
shore at times. It looked like there were
several females with young, they were
concerned for the swimmers enough to bring
them in closer to shore until the pod moved
on. There must have been some great
fishing in the area to keep them around
that long.
Mushy Hugs
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  1. It is so magic to see these wonderful creatures, we were lucky enough to see them in Australia when on holiday and they amazed me they were so fast through the water and a lot bigger than you think when you are stood in the water with them. Enjoy.

  2. I just kept clicking to get even these pictures, at one point they were up and out of the water. They did bring people in out of the water when they moved in toward shore with their babies as a precaution. During this time the pelicans were dropping into the water for fish too. Great site to see from your balcony for sure.