Sunday, June 20, 2010

RedHat Day in Louisville, KY

And....we were off! First the 4 hour trek over to
Louisville. GREAT busdriver. She was super
smooth all the way. Our first stop was the paddle
wheeler Belle of Louisville. We had a great lunch,
everything, from mashed potatoes, potatoe salad,
mac and cheese, roast beef, ham, fried chicken, and
tons of veggies too. Desert was pies, apple, cherry,
pecan, and I am sure there were others, I just went
with the cherry. Then we road the paddle wheeler
down the Ohio River and back to the dock.

Of course there was our ever present in the face
photographer....Vicki. Her camera is never far away
and seemed always where you were! I believe she
finally ran out of memory towards the end of the
last race.

Churchill Downs was the final destination. Lots of
fun had by all, some won, like me....LOL, and others
lost. Well all three of us, Vicki, Patty, and I lost the very
last race. Well we did be on a 30 to 1 odd horse. Boy....
sigh....if we had won....well dream anyway. Back on
the bus for the trip home. Started out with lots of
talking, but soon faded to quiet as the night came over
the bus. It was a great day, one none of us will soon forget.
Mushy Hugs
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