Friday, April 2, 2010

Central Park

Spring is in its full glory of color here in Central Park. Ashland, KY is very fortunate to have such a wonderful park that every one gets to enjoy year round. My husband is a park walker, so every day he goes before 7:00am and meets up with his walking group of friends and does 4-5 laps around the park. The park is about a mile and a quarter around. There is a major medical complex across the street at one end, Kings Daughters, with expansions going constantly, then the other three sides are gorgeous older homes that are very well maintained.

Its so neat to see all the different photographers doing so much with this display of daffodils. Many take pictures of small babies surrounded by the flowers, even weddings are popular. My sister in law Jo said there was a wing back chair sitting among them yesterday as they were setting up cameras. Now that should have been an interesting site to see. Each year these flowers grow further and further out into the park grounds. Many have crossed a street to start towards the pond in the park.
Mushy hugs
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  1. Hi Marcia, Thankyou for visiting my site, I have just been looking at your lovely park, I simply love daffodils they always seem to fill you with such hope and joy they are a promise of things top come. What a brilliant place to walk around your hubby must love that I bet there is always something different to see whilst he is keeping fit. My husband Tony and I walked around our village yesterday, it was lovely to wish everyone a Happy Easter day and see all the buds a poppin.I will visit again soon
    Love Jillxx